Easily Save Money, Time and Effort

Reimagine Your Influencer Agency

Turn your influencer agency into a modern, efficient machine that saves you money, wows your clients, perfects your relationships, and keeps all your data in one location.

Stand Out From Your Competition

Offer Convenient Portals That Both Your Influencers And Clients Will Love

Client Portals


Offer a beautiful client-facing portal where they can approve shortlists, sign proposals, pay invoices, give feedback on creatives, and view campaign results.

Influencer Portals


Provide a convenient influencer-facing portal where they can upload assets for approval, see upcoming campaigns, and see when a client has paid.

Influencer Database & Automated Proposal Interface


Keep track of your influencer network and use it to quickly create automated proposals.

  • Maintain an up-to-date database of all the influencers in your network, with the latest data including likes, follows, shares, and more. Influencers can be onboarded through a custom portal.
  • Use the database to create a shortlist, which is then given to the client through their custom portal.
  • Client approves the influencers, and a proposal is auto-generated which includes deliverables, timelines, and exclusivity notes. It is then sent to the client for signature.

Project Management Interface


Oversee the production of creatives, regardless of complexity.

  • Handle multiple influencers with multiple deliverables, each with their own specific timelines and specifications.
  • Influencers can upload assets to their portal for your approval, which are then sent to the client via the client portal for approval, denial, or comment.
  • Once assets are approved and go live, automated scraping tracks the likes, comments and shares of each, which are made available to the client via the client portal.

Financial Oversight Interface


Modernize your financials with automated invoices and payments.

  • Automatically generate project-specific invoices for clients, which can be integrated into accounting software like QuickBooks.
  • In the influencer portal, influencers can see when a client has paid, so that you can then pay the influencer.
  • Gain unparalleled insight into your financial status with dashboards that track to-the-minute changes.

Dashboards & Internal Reporting Interface


Track the statuses of every aspect of your business.

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your company in easy-to-use and understand dashboards.
  • For your sales team, track the number of proposals open, won and sent, the projects currently being worked on, the projects that are late, and much more.
  • For your finance team, track the total revenue and profit, the money owed to influencers, the money owed to agencies, and much more.

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