Workflow automation for HR teams

Keep your HR team organized, become more productive, and make more educated decisions with AI powered workflow automations.

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Common workflows for HR teams:

Applicant Tracking Systems

Find and screen for the absolute best candidates with an automated applicant tracking system. Seamlessly make job postings, screen candidates, and track applications through the hiring process.

  • Streamline your recruiting process from A to Z
  • Improve candidate experience with unmatched professionalism
  • Easily stay in compliance with all laws and regulations

Employee Onboarding And Training

Allow employees to easily configure their accounts and setup their company profiles. Easily track progress throughout the onboarding process and provide them with regular updates.

  • Increase efficiency by cutting down on training time
  • Create a positive employee experience, which is particularly important when they start a new role
  • Stay organized, regardless of how many new employees are being hired

Benefits Administration

Automate complex administrative tasks related to benefits such as enrollment and eligibility tracking, employee healthcare coverage, processing employee payroll deductions, and maintaining employee benefit plans.

  • Offer a seamless employee experience
  • Standardize all onboarding processes
  • Ensure all benefits systems are following relevant laws and regulations

KPI & OKR Tracking

View all of the relevant data in one place to maintain a single source of truth customized to your HR team. By streamlining data entry, collection, and reporting, gain real-time visibility into the metrics that are relevant to you.

  • Make better, data-driven decisions by identifying trends and patterns
  • Gain a clear view into goals and make progress towards them
  • Reduce and eliminate manual calculation errors
End-To-End Platform

The Ultimate Solution for Unifying Your Company operations

Connect all of your teams together to operate as one streamlined, functional unit. Gain a birds-eye-view of your organization so you understand your entire business.

Revolutionize Your Business

Connect all of your company's departments, from marketing to sales, operations to production, finance, and more. Ensure all teams are using relevant, up-to-date information without tedious and time-wasting back and forth.

Stay Coordinated and Aligned

Keep your teams in perfect sync as clients move through your funnel. Automatically pass data, such as tasks and assets, to the appropriate department as clients advance along your workflow.

All Your Data in One Place

Provide unique, real-time dashboards to each team, along with one central, unified dashboard where you can view the true status of your entire business. Reduce reporting overheads and provide real-time data to clients and talent.

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