Our Approach

We have perfected a one-of-a-kind approach to workflow creation that is guaranteed to exceed expectations.

Phase One


We gather an understanding of the problem statements, project objectives, timeline, stakeholders, and budget.

Output: Map of existing systems, documentation, and tentative objectives, and signed proposal.

Phase Two


We finalize project objectives, make design decisions, and create technical objectives.

Output: Technical objectives, documentation, and finalized project objectives are loaded into project management tool.

Phase Three


We set you up in our project management tool, hold kickoff call to review objectives, and set-up any additional SaaS platform accounts.

Output: Project management tool setup completed, SaaS platform access given

Phase Four


The project is designed, and a rapid build of the system is provided to you for feedback. We iterate on this design until it is signed off by you as a prototype.

Output: Signed-off on prototype and objectives are updated

Phase Five


We fully build out the prototype, and connect it to all external data sources. Data is migrated into new system. Training materials are created and you and your team are onboarded.

Output: Workflow is finalized workflow, training videos are created and training sessions scheduled.

Phase Six

Iteration & Ongoing Support

Support queries and new features are logged in the project management tool. Additional support and services are available based on your requirements, either ad-hoc or through additional project phases.

Output: Additional features are added along with relevant support and training content.

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