Workflow Automation for VC Firms

Keep your firm organized, automate your operations, and make more educated decisions that save you time and increase your returns.

Our Industry Leading Modules for VC Firms:

Portfolio Management

Effortlessly manage and track all aspects of your investments, including performance metrics, company changes, cap table creation and details, investment return calculations, and perfect your decision-making regarding when to sell or exit an investment.

View all of your data in a single, centralized location.

  • Collection of Portfolio Data: Automate the collection of financial and performance data from all of your portfolio companies.
  • Track Investments: Keep track of all investments, easily monitor relevant performance metrics and stay up-to-date on any changes to the company's operations.
  • Valuation Tracking: Quickly and accurately assess the value of your investments and provide reliable feedback to stakeholders who need it. Coming Soon: Automatically pull in updated valuations based on seed rounds.
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Network Tracking

Streamline relationship management with a comprehensive database of people, companies, and introductions to connect your network to investments and portfolio companies.

Automate the process of asking for meetings, connecting with relevant contacts in your network, and identifying potential partners and collaborators. Ensure no contact goes unnoticed and maximize your opportunities.

  • Track LPs and Investors: Identify potential investors and collaborate with relevant contacts in your network when exploring new deals or raising your next fund.
  • Track Advisor Introductions: Efficiently manage relationships with consultants who can provide valuable insights, expertise, or services to your portfolio companies.
  • Automated Network Outreach: Schedule automated outreach to your network to ensure you remain top of mind as well as maintain strong connections with key players in your ecosystem.

Due Diligence

Never lose track of the various notes and conversations as part of the due diligence process by centralizing all of your meeting data in one location.

Utilize artificial intelligence to maintain accurate transcripts and create summaries to understand what each conversation consisted of as well as any next steps.

  • Meeting Transcriptions: Keep full, searchable and listenable transcriptions of all Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams calls.
  • Meeting Summaries: Use AI to summarize entire calls into concise bullet points, such as summaries, next steps, and other key outcomes.
  • Enrich Data: Automatically pull in all other relevant data, both about the company and person, such as valuation, employee count, TAM, and more.
  • Info At-A-Glance: Quickly view brief summaries of past interactions to ensure you're ready for new meetings, even when in a rush.

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