Workflow Automation for VC Firms

Keep your firm organized, become more productive, and make more educated decisions with AI-powered workflow automation.

Common Workflows for VC Companies:

Supercharged Portfolio Management

$3 - $5k

Easily track every aspect of your investments, such as cap table creation, calculating returns, and making liquidity decisions about when to sell or exit an investment. View your data in a single, centralized location.

  • Track Investments: Keep track of all investments, easily monitor performance metrics and stay up-to-date on any changes to the company's operations or valuations.
  • Valuation Tracking: Quickly and accurately assess the value of their investments and provide reliable feedback to stakeholders who need it.
  • Risk management: Pinpoint problem areas early and alert investors of potential risks associated with their investment in order to minimize losses over time.

Staff Remuneration Management

$4 - $5.5k

Easily manage and track employee compensation, allowing you to attract and retain top talent and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Calculate even the most complex compensation structures, including staff base salary, bonuses, sourcing bonuses, equity program percentages, and more.

  • Base Salary Tracking: Keep track of employee base salaries easily and efficiently, ensuring that all employees are being paid the correct amount.
  • Bonus Calculations: Automatically calculate bonuses and sourcing bonuses for employees, allowing for faster decision-making and incentivizing greater performance from team members.
  • Equity Programs: Simplify tracking of staff equity remuneration programs to easily provide a snapshot of the employee’s package, calculated from a range of investments, commissions, and other vehicles.

Collection of Portfolio Company Financial Data

$4.5k - $6k

Automate the collection of financial and performance data from all your portfolio companies. Track changes in company performance more quickly and accurately, reducing the overhead from your operations team.

  • Increase Efficiency: Rather than manually collecting data from each portfolio company, the process can be automated, freeing up time to focus on other tasks.
  • Improved Accuracy: By standardizing the data collection processes, you can reduce the risk of errors and ensure that all data is consistent and accurate.
  • Improved Decision-Making: Your team can make more informed decisions about its investments by accessing accurate and up-to-date financial data.

Investor Portal

$5k - $7k

Offer a one-stop portal to which your investors can log in for easy access to all relevant information, such as quarterly financial information, reports, prospectuses, downloadable documents, and much more.

  • Enhanced Transparency: Demonstrate your commitment to transparency and build trust with your investors.
  • Improved Efficiency: Rather than individually answering investor questions or sending out financial information and documents, make this information easily accessible.
  • Real-Time Updates: Give investors peace of mind by always providing the latest, up-to-date, accurate information.

Network Tracking

$3.5k - $5.5k

Maintain a comprehensive database of people, investors, and companies to keep top-of-mind when looking for new deals. Automate the process of asking for meetings, connecting with relevant contacts in your network, and identifying potential partners and collaborators.

  • Maintain Relationships: By consistently reaching out to your network, ensure you remain top of mind and the first choice for future deals
  • Centralized Database: The automatically enriched database ensures no contact goes missing or forgotten.
  • Save Time & Resources: Free up time and improve efficiency by automating the process of tracking and connecting with people and companies.
End-To-End Platform

The Ultimate Solution for Unifying Your Company operations

Connect all of your teams together to operate as one streamlined, functional unit. Gain a birds-eye-view of your organization so you understand your entire business.

Revolutionize Your Business

Connect all of your company's departments, from marketing to sales, operations to production, finance, and more. Ensure all teams are using relevant, up-to-date information without tedious and time-wasting back and forth.

Stay Coordinated and Aligned

Keep your teams in perfect sync as clients move through your funnel. Automatically pass data, such as tasks and assets, to the appropriate department as clients advance along your workflow.

All Your Data in One Place

Provide unique, real-time dashboards to each team, along with one central, unified dashboard where you can view the true status of your entire business. Reduce reporting overheads and provide real-time data to clients and talent.

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