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Client Portal


About the Module:

The Client Portal module provides an elegant and efficient platform for clients to interact with your agency. Clients can approve shortlists, sign proposals, pay invoices, provide feedback, and view campaign results, enhancing communication and collaboration for a seamless experience.

Use Cases:

• Approve shortlists and sign proposals with ease

• Pay invoices and view billing history

• Provide feedback on creatives and assets

• Access campaign results and analytics

Success Stories:

Agencies using the Client Portal module have reported increased client satisfaction and retention. One agency saw a 30% improvement in client engagement, while another experienced a 20% reduction in project turnaround time. The Client Portal module fosters better client relationships and accelerates business growth for influencer/talent agencies.

Talent Portal


About the Module:

The Talent Portal module offers a user-friendly platform for influencers, streamlining asset uploads, campaign tracking, and payment visibility. Enhance communication and collaboration, ensuring efficient campaign execution and improved satisfaction.

Use Cases:

• Simplify asset uploads and approval

• Centralize upcoming campaign details

• Enhance payment transparency and status

Success Stories:

Agencies using the Talent Portal have experienced increased efficiency and satisfaction. One agency reduced asset approval time by 35%, while another improved influencer retention with a transparent platform. The Talent Portal fosters stronger relationships, driving success for all parties.

Talent Roster & Proposal Generator


About the Module:

The Talent Roster & Proposal Generator streamlines influencer management and proposal creation. Maintain an up-to-date influencer database, create shortlists, and generate proposals efficiently for seamless collaboration.

Use Cases:

• Track influencers with an up-to-date database

• Onboard influencers via custom portal

• Create shortlists for clients in their portal

• Auto-generate proposals with key details

Success Stories:

Agencies using this module report improved efficiency and client satisfaction. One agency reduced proposal creation time by 40%, while another saw a 25% increase in acceptance rates. This module optimizes influencer management and proposal generation for agency growth.

Project Management


About the Module:

The Project Management module streamlines creative production, handling multiple influencers, deliverables, and timelines. Easily manage asset approval and performance tracking, ensuring client satisfaction and influencer success.

Use Cases:

• Manage multiple influencers and deliverables

• Facilitate asset uploads and approval through portals

• Share approved assets with clients for feedback

• Automate performance tracking for likes, comments, and shares

• Provide real-time performance data via client portal

Success Stories:

Agencies using this module have improved project oversight and client satisfaction. One agency reduced project turnaround time by 40%, increasing client retention. Another enhanced communication with influencers and clients through streamlined asset approval. This module drives success for influencers and clients alike.

Invoice Automation


About the Module:

The Invoice Automation module modernizes financial management for Influencer/Talent agencies with automated invoicing and payments. Seamlessly generate invoices, integrate with accounting software, and provide payment transparency through an influencer portal.

Use Cases:

• Automate project-specific invoices

• Integrate invoicing with accounting software

• Provide payment transparency via influencer portal

• Streamline payment processing for clients and influencers

• Monitor financial status with real-time dashboards

Success Stories:

Agencies using this module report increased efficiency and financial transparency. One agency reduced invoicing and payment management time by 30%, while another gained valuable financial insights for better decision-making. The Invoice Automation module drives efficiency and growth for agencies.

Dashboards & Internal Reporting


About the Module:

The Dashboards and Internal Reporting module provides comprehensive insights into every aspect of Influencer/Talent agencies. Monitor sales, project statuses, and finances with easy-to-understand dashboards, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimized performance.

Use Cases:

• Monitor company performance using dashboards

• Track sales metrics, including proposals and project status

• Manage finances: revenue, profit, and outstanding payments

• Gain insights into money owed to influencers and agencies

Success Stories:

Agencies using this module report improved decision-making and performance. One agency saw a 20% increase in proposal conversion rates, while another streamlined financial management, resulting in a 15% increase in revenue collection. This module drives success and growth for agencies.

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