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Secure web-portals to connect your partners, teams and customers

What is Stacker?

The Stacker is a platform that creates allows us to create digital tools and products. This connects to your Airtable base, allowing your teams and clients to access, create and edit data directly into your base, all while following your business processes. 

This allows many users to connect to your data securely, via any web browser. We usually create Stacker applications for our clients when we need to expose data to specific users or teams, getting around the user permission complexities of Airtable. 

This allows our Stacker experts to create a wide range of solutions, from partner hubs, customer portals, application, and task managers to be created, fully integrated with your workflow automation. 


What do we create with Stacker?

The capabilities of Stacker are endless and provide a lot of functionality for your team. Tools using this software are generally used to allow users to interact with their own data in an easy way, allowing for automation at scale. 

Stacker allows us to build custom dashboards and websites on top of Airtable, we have built some really great tools like: 


Project management apps

Allowing teams to view, edit and create data based on project deliverables or phases. Project management apps are especially effective when you need to collaborate with an external team or integrate with another company. This allows a lot of data to be safely exposed to various groups.

Client portals 

If you find your team is regularly providing your clients with updates on the status of the work or service you are providing you might be able to save time by creating a self-service portal, allowing the to login and interact with specific information. 

Job application

An effective way to allow candidates to apply for specific jobs, upload their resumes while following your hiring logic flow. Through automation we can handle repetitive tasks in your workflow and provide a solution that fits your hiring workflow properly without bloated software solutions. 

2-sided marketplace

Stacker is a really great tool to setup a MVP or V1 of your product marketplace, allowing users to upload data and information to a portal and then provide the data to other users on the system. The integration of workflow automation allows the platform to function with minimal work from your team. 


The new wave of software development

With the rise of no-code tools providing a quick and easy way to create digital product and services that allow your business processes to be developed quickly and cost effectively. By leveraging these next generation tools we can help your team launch new products and services that come with full automation and Software Development Testing. 

The apps also come with Google Analytics integration to allow for data driven decisions around user usage. 

Do More, With Less, With Ace.

About Our Workflow Design Process
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