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No longer be limited by your daycare software! Our extensions connect seamlessly with Gingr and help you save time, avoid human error, and make better decisions in a way that simply makes sense.

Waitlist Interface

Track customer statuses and availability for facilities, allowing users to see how much availability remains and predict future availability based on start dates and cancellations.

  • Track customer statuses and availability
  • Prioritize waitlist based on existing customers
  • Predict future availability

Revenue Interface

Gain unparalleled insight into customers’ online payments, and easily manage subscriptions. Effortlessly view your financial data in ways Gingr doesn’t offer.

  • View # of dogs and revenue per day and per month.
  • Track online payments and online payment processing issues
  • Gain full visibility into subscriptions, including churn
  • Automatic invoicing and invoice filtering

Email Automation Interface

Send automatic emails based on the customer status at any stage of the pipeline, to notify customers of updates, appointment and vaccination reminders, and much more.

  • Send email reminders for appointments or if a lead is in any stage for too long
  • Customize by client, location, and more
  • Automated internal to-do creation for manual followups

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