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Messaging application that supports custom workflow automation, for team collaboration and project management.

What is Slack Workflow Automation?

Slack is a messaging app for teams that lets you easily communicate with your colleagues without having to code. It also has a workflow builder to streamline exactly how your team works, automate everyday tasks and help you get more done, faster.

With Slack, you can easily communicate with teammates with a direct message, or a group message, create a channel for different topics, groups, or teams, and receive notifications based on any pre-defined tasks that are completed. 

Another major benefit of Slack is its ability to automate workflows and streamline project management. With tools like slackbots, pre-built integrations with third-party apps (like Google Drive), and shared channels, you can easily create custom workflow steps that improve team collaboration, communication, and productivity. And because all of your data is stored in one place, it's easy to keep track of projects, deadlines, and tasks.

What do we create with Slack?

The capabilities of Slack to create complex workflows are endless and provide a lot of functionality for managing projects.  Teams have a single Slack workspace around all the elements that make up a project.  Instead of files in different email attachments, Google Sheets, Google Drive, and Shortcuts menu.

Slack allows us to build custom advanced workflows and automations that integrate with your existing apps,

We have built some really great tools like: 

Project management

Allowing teams to view, edit and create data based on project deliverables or phases. Project management apps are especially effective when you need to collaborate with an external team or integrate with another company. This allows a lot of data to be safely exposed to various groups.

Client portals 

If you find your team is regularly providing your clients with updates on the status of the work or service you are providing you might be able to save time by creating a self-service private channel on Slack, allowing them to interact with your team. 

Virtual assistant

A bot user on Slack becomes your virtual assistant to manage calendars, reminders, and documents associated with meeting workflows.

Company-Wide Integration

Communicate across teams so executive, engineering, marketing, sales, and HR teams share common workspace apps and have a central repository of information in a shared database.  All teams will have a 'single source of truth' with a Slack automation.

The new wave of software development

The rise of no-code tools provides a quick and easy way to create digital products and services that allow your business processes to be developed in a fraction of the time taken using traditional development. By leveraging these next-generation tools we can help your team rapidly prototype and launch new products and services that come with full automation to accelerate your digital transformation. 

Do More, With Less, With Ace.

About Our Workflow Design Process
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