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A web-based platform for creating automation workflows in the cloud. It's designed to make it easy to create repeatable processes using data from any source and set them up in a familiar spreadsheet interface.

With Airtable, you can:

  • Create a custom application without writing a single line of code
  • Automate your business processes with ease
  • Model your data in any way you want, and change it on the fly
  • Collaborate with others in real time to get things done faster
  • Integrate with other applications to automate your workflows
  • Generate real time reports with a 'single source of truth' database

Airtable is the perfect tool for fast-scaling businesses of all sizes who need a flexible, customizable solution to their workflow needs. 

If you find yourself stuck in your Airtable learning curve, or don't know where to start, we're here to help you with our proven rapid prototyping and iterative build processes. 

Simple Airtable Automation in minutes

Airtable automation is a key feature of the platform, allowing workflow automation to be triggered from various inputs from user input, field input, or form submission. Those automations become a part of a series of task management processes that comes together to complete a manual task for you in minutes.

Airtable Features

Automated Workflow Creation

Create automated workflows with just a few clicks. You can automatically send emails, update records, or perform other actions on your data based on the rules you define.

Real-Time Reporting

Airtable centralizes your entire workflow data in one place.  You get instant visibility into how your team is performing. See what’s working well, and where there might be room for process improvement.

Repeatable Processes

Automate repetitive tasks by defining them as steps within a workflow, allowing you to build workflows in minutes.

Use pre-built templates to get started quickly

Comes with a library of templates you customize at each step, so they match your unique requirements.

Data Import/Export

Import and export your existing data in bulk or one at a time, manually or using Airtable scripts

Single Source of Truth

All your data lives in one place, making it easier to share across teams, collaborate, and track progress.

How does Airtable compare to a database?

Airtable is an online database platform that you can access via a web browser or native mobile apps. When you first load Airtable it will present you with an Airtable Base. Think of an Airtable Base as a database that stores your data and content and the individual configurations of the Airtable workflow automation. 

Each Airtable base (database) has tables, and tables can hold many fields. The base can be shared with individuals or teams and can have data saved to the base from Airtable automation, CSV files, online forms, or another developer platform. 

Fields can be configured to have certain types of content saved, for example,, dates, URLs, files, or linked records. Linked records are a great way to build up a relational structure, allowing one Airtable base to be connected to another in minutes. 


Automatically adding content via a form

Airtable Automation allows you to use the built-in form builder to create a custom form and publish it to the web. You might want to use this as a new customer intake form or internally to request information from another team. The Airtable platform uses its built-in form function to effortlessly allow non-developer personnel to add data to their Airtable base. 

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